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BB Glow, is the latest trending beauty treatment in the market! This treatment focuses on making the skin appear more even-toned and brighter for a flawless smooth complexion! The treatment is done by using an advance beauty device called nano-needling, this device will help penetrate the bb serum into the skin receiving the nutrients it needs as well as boosting collagen into the skin. The serum is not just a pigmented serum, it contains beneficial ingredients to target many of the common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, texture, dehydrated skin, pore size and many more. We try to value our skin and appearances since life these days can be hectic, we struggle to squeeze little time to make ourselves look decent before going to work, doing a quick errand, or get ready for a hot date, we just simply don't have the time to dedicate for making ourselves look beautiful. With BB Glow, you can help your clients achieve the "get ready n go" life-style by treating their skin every week or every other few months for a touch-up! The BB Glow treatment is still rare in the USA beauty industry! In my training you will learn special techniques, understand contraindications, feel confident with protocols and excel in live hands-on practice! 1:1 or 1:2 trainings are available, must be a licensed beauty professional to enroll in training. Enhance your skills and offer something new to your clients!


Enrollment fee: $850

Deposit fee: $150 (will go towards enrollment fee, final payment of $700 due upon class)

Training hours: 8am-1pm (Training date will be discussed after submission)

Training will include:

  • 1 BB Glow starter kit by Stayve

  • 1 Dr. Pen A6 with nano-needling cartridges

  • 2 ampoules

  • 1 set of DermaWhite™ Exfoliating Gel & Neutralizer bottles

  • 5 repair creams

  • Course Manual

  • Lunch & Beverages

  • Supply list (list of supplies for the bb glow treatment in PDF, will be emailed to you)

  • Certificate of Completion (Please leave your Full name in submission box below)

Interested in the BB Glow training?

Enroll by leaving your info below and we will get in touch soon! 

Thanks for submitting!

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